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Bad Crystal one of the best software utility allow fixing stuck pixels
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Bad Crystal is a program that allows you to repair and prevent having defective pixels on monitors, iPods, PSP, PDAs, mobile phones, and plasma/LCD TVs. It corrects the problems of image persistence and burn-in, these problems are recurrent when some area of the screen doesn't change for a long period of time. The menu of the program allows you to select what device you wish to repair. For monitors and TVs there are three repairing options: 1. Monitor 'defective pixels', 2. System 'live pixel', and 3. Protection of 'Defective Pixels'. The procedure for getting rid of defective pixels consists in a window with the combination of multiple colors red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Colors are flickering at different speed - a speed regulator is included, you have to maintain the program working for 5 minutes at least, but the recommended time is 15 minutes. After doing this, the damaged pixels will function again and the quality of images displayed on screens will improve. Latest version of the program is 2.5. The program is designed to work on Windows Vista but it also works on Windows XP.

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  • It repairs and prevents having defective pixels on monitors and screens. It has a speed regulator


  • Trial version only allows you to utilize the option Monitor 'defective pixels' and displays a small window for testing
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